Alsu Sladkomedova

My research focuses on studying turbulence and its interaction with flows in tokamak plasmas. I analyse and interpret data measured by the 2D Beam Emission Spectroscopy (BES) diagnostic on the MAST tokamak. BES detects plasma density oscillations arising from turbulence on the ion Larmor radius scale. The interplay between drift-wave instabilities and plasma flows to a great extent defines the levels of cross-field transport. My work involves developing techniques for quantifying the interaction between zonal flows and turbulent instabilities, as well as methods for analysing plasma turbulence characteristics near marginal stability state. One of the further steps in my research project is to perform experiments on MAST-U to facilitate the understanding of plasma transport in fusion plasmas and spherical tokamaks in particular.

I obtained a Master’s Degree in Physics at the Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University and Ph.D. at the Ioffe Institute, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. My doctoral thesis was devoted to the investigation of the plasma radiation losses and impurity transport on the Globus-M tokamak.