Denis St-Onge

I am a postdoctoral research assistant at the University of Oxford working with Professors Felix Parra and Michael Barnes. My research interests include nonlinear phenomena and turbulence in astrophysical and fusion plasmas. I am currently incorporating global effects into the local flux-tube code STELLA using a novel perturbative approach. With this tool in hand, I will study the role of intrinsic rotation, turbulence spreading, avalanche formation and zonal flows on the suppression of turbulence in next generation fusion reactors.

Previously, I attended Princeton University for my PhD studies under the tutelage of Professor Matt Kunz. These studies focused on the small-scale dynamo in turbulent, collisionless and weakly collisional plasmas in relation to magnetogenesis in the intracluster medium. I have also studied the complete stabilization of turbulence due to zonal flows known as the Dimits shift, and have formulated the first predictive model of the size of this shift for a simplified system.