Juan Ruiz Ruiz

Dr. Juan Ruiz Ruiz is a postdoctoral research assistant in Oxford University’s Plasma Theory group. Juan completed his PhD in MIT under supervision of Prof. Anne White and Dr. Walter Guttenfelder at PPPL on validating gyrokinetic simulations in NSTX using synthetic diagnostics for high-k scattering.

During his postdoc Juan is working on understanding the correlation properties of the turbulence measured by Radial Correlation Doppler Reflectometry (via Doppler Backscattering – DBS). For this Juan is using a simple ‘synthetic’ model DBS applied to gyrokinetic simulation. Juan is also currently developing a nonlocal synthetic diagnostic by integrating beam tracing calculations into gyrokinetic simulation output. For this Juan is working closely with Prof. Felix Parra and PhD student Valerian Hall-Chen at Oxford University and Dr. Jon Hillesheim at CCFE.

Juan is also partly dedicated to analysing fluctuation data from JET’s DBS system, where he is closely working with the diagnostic operator Dr. Carine Giroud and Dr. Jeronimo Garcia. Lastly, Juan remains interested in high-k scattering and maintains close collaboration with PPPL in projecting high-k scattering measurements for NSTX-U using gyrokinetic simulation and a synthetic high-k diagnostic.