Toby Adkins

I am a DPhil Student in the Oxford Plasma Theory group, working jointly with Prof. Alex Schekochihin (Oxford) and Dr Colin Roach (CCFE, Culham).  My research currently focuses on finding analytical estimates for the turbulent heat flux arising from electromagnetic, electron temperature gradient driven turbulence in a fusion (tokamak) plasma. I am also interested in the phase-space dynamics of kinetically modeled plasmas, and have thus far investigated various models of turbulence in electrostatic, cold ion systems.

I completed my undergraduate MMathPhys at Oxford University, taking courses in Quantum Field Theory, Statistical Mechanics, General Relativity, Magnetohydrodynamics, and Kinetic Theory.  Since graduating, I have kept myself involved in undergraduate teaching, including general Teaching Assistant work, teaching portions of the Kinetic Theory course, as well as holding tutorials and classes for the third year students of Merton College taking Fluid Dynamics.