Ben McMillan

Dr Ben McMillan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Warwick, UK (where he moved after a PhD at ANU Australia, a short postdoc studying space physics at the University of Sydney, and 5 years at EPFL in Switzerland). His main research interests are in applying gyrokinetic codes and theory to understanding tokamak transport, and in the efficient discretisation of gyrokinetic models. Ben’s recent work includes understanding kinetic instabilities in the tokamak pedestal, finding the edge of chaos, and determining the effects of spectral shifts on images of penguins (which turns out to have an interesting connection to plasma turbulence). He has been active in numerical and analytical modelling in the plasma physics field for 16 years, and been a PI on multiple EPSRC grants.┬áHe has authored 57 publications, and has an h-index of 16.