Michail Anastopoulos Tzanis

I am a research associate in Computational Plasma Turbulence, through the TDoTP program, at the York Plasmas Institute. I am interested in non-linear gyrokinetic simulations using the GS2 and CGYRO codes, in order to understand transport properties of electrostatic and electromagnetic saturated plasma turbulence. In addition, I am investigating the drive mechanism of gyrokinetic electrostatic and electromagnetic instabilities in the collision-less limit. The end goal of my research is to understand gyrokinetic stability and transport of high-β spherical tokamaks.

During my PhD I studied the non-axisymmetric response and stability of tokamak plasmas, in particular the impact of RMPs on ideal peeling-ballooning modes. I developed an efficient variational formulation based on unstable eigenmodes of the axisymmetric equilibrium, to simulate the stability of highly localized, high-n modes of the non-axisymmetric equilibrium. The framework is based on the axisymmetric stability code ELITE and calculates the non-axisymmetric plasma response and stability at the same time. Moreover, my MPhys project was focused on simplified models for collision-less micro-tearing modes in slab geometry and numerical simulations using the GS2 code in cylindrical and toroidal geometry. Finally, I am interested in numerical methods for the solution of kinetic and fluid equations based on FD, FV and DG methods.