Advanced Graduate School 2020

Monday 7 September 2020 at York Plasma Institute, University of York, UK


Plasma turbulence underpins a wide range of phenomena, including the formation of stars and galaxies; the properties of the solar wind, and – the focus of the TDoTP programme – the confinement of plasmas in tokamaks. It is complicated by feedback mechanisms that couple space and time scales spanning several orders of magnitude. The full problem is extremely challenging, and so to make progress for real world applications we must develop reduced models that capture the essential physics. The goal of TDoTP is to address this by advancing our understanding of these multi-scale interactions at a fundamental science level. This will be achieved by coupling analytic theory, advanced computation and experimental capabilities, including the newly upgraded MAST-U tokamak.

Our inaugural TDoTP Advanced Graduate School (AGS) is an opportunity for PhD students and postdoctoral research assistants in the field of plasma turbulence to access in-depth tutorials on the topic of core transport, fast ions, pedestal physics and ELM-free reactor alternatives delivered by leading academics and researchers. The AGS is ideally positioned at the start of the 25th Joint EU-US Transport Task Force Meeting in York to give early career researchers a comprehensive grounding in the fundamentals of plasma turbulence that will enhance their understanding of the subsequent TTF sessions and contribute to their ongoing personal development.

There is no charge for attending the AGS, but participants are expected to organise and fund their own travel and accommodation.